Photo Sunday: Bloggers’ Tea Party

What do you get if you mix bloggers, tea and cake? A bloggers’ tea party, obviously.

This was an idea suggested a few weeks ago by my friend Safia, who blogs over at My Griffin Way. After thinking about it for approximately three seconds, I agreed it sounded like a good plan, and we set about recruiting two more bloggers to join us. Which took another three seconds. Or maybe four. But either way it wasn’t long before we’d convinced Mandy of Emm in London and Sarah from inspiredtravels71 to come along too.

We decided to go to The Kitchen Door Cafe on Queenstown Road, London – a decision that was in no way influenced by the fact they had an amazing Groupon deal. Honest. And so last Saturday, we braved the miserable weather to head out for our first (and hopefully not last) bloggers’ tea party.

Kitchen Door Cafe, London

The Kitchen Door Cafe is a Canadian themed diner with a really relaxed, homely feel, which, as it turns out, was exactly what owner Goranka Gudelj was going for; her vision was to recreate her home kitchen in a restaurant setting, and share with customers the kind of food she’d serve to her friends and family. And why’s it called the Kitchen Door Cafe? Because Goranka’s brought along the kitchen door from her former home, and displayed it on the back wall; you can still see where her children marked their heights as they grew up. According to the website, the door “serves as a reminder for her that as one door in life closes another opens.”

I really liked the fact that the relaxed, home-made approach was reflected in the food – the scones and finger sandwiches weren’t all perfectly symmetrical, and some slices of cake were (a lot) bigger than others, but that just made it more authentic. And really, when the cake tastes that good, who cares what it looks like? We were a bit disappointed not to get any apple and cinnamon cake after Sarah spotted it on their Twitter feed a few days before, but hey – it’s just an excuse to go back another time, right? (And to be fair, they hadn’t promised us that particular cake; we just thought it looked amazing.)



Our afternoon tea also included a glass of prosecco each, and a fairly extensive choice of teas, served in very cute teapots that turned out to be half teapot, half teacup. I’m very easily excited, as we know, and I thought this was pretty much the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.




The staff were really friendly; they didn’t seem to mind that we were the last customers left in the cafe because we were so busy chatting, and they seemed quite happy for us to wander about taking photos of the cool retro decor.




All in all, it’s safe to say the first bloggers’ tea party was a big success. Time to start planning the next one…?


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