Happy Sunday: Strictly, smoothies and Shetland ponies

I really enjoyed doing Happy Sunday a couple of weeks ago. Not only was it nice to focus on the good things that had happened in my own week; I also heartily recommend Googling ‘good news stories’ if you’re feeling a bit blue.

So let’s do it again, and round up some good news to send us all into Christmas with a smile 🙂

This week:

  • Everyone at my office got free smoothies, after I spotted a piece in the Innocent weekly newsletter a couple of weeks ago, offering freebies to offices around the country. I sent off our company’s details, and then forgot all about it until Wednesday afternoon, when a delivery of 24 super smoothies turned up. Free stuff is always great, but nothing beats the warm glow you get from being the hero who made it happen. I figure I’m owed a few favours now 😉

Free smoothies

  • Maisie Hymers, an 8-year-old girl from Portsmouth, saved more than £400 and bought over 50 presents for children spending Christmas in her local hospital. After she was in hospital herself last year, Maisie realised some children might not have a happy Christmas, and saved up to buy them all board games, teddies and toys. She’s now trying to decide what she can do for next year.
  • I had a great week at work, which included a really exciting meeting (which I can’t talk about yet – but if it all works out, you won’t be able to shut me up). We had a fun pre-Christmas night out on Thursday, which was also super cheap because we’d saved up all our lottery and pub quiz winnings. And I got to appreciate for the millionth time how awesome my colleagues are, when I got sent a rude email and they all supported me, mostly by scouring it for typos.
  • Daffy the Shetland pony made all our hearts melt after he got a special Christmas present – a specially designed foursie. And yes, I know it’s all a big publicity stunt to promote Ascot racecourse, but I don’t care. Because this is literally one of the most adorable things I’ve seen all year.
  • Last night was the Strictly Come Dancing final, which – I’m not going to lie – was always going to be the highlight of my TV viewing year (well, that and episode 3 of Poldark. You know the one I mean). So in honour of the occasion, and just to demonstrate how extremely cool we are, a couple of friends and I had a Strictly final pyjama party. And it was fab.
  • A Texas non-profit, K9s4COPs, has donated a training dog to the French police force, to replace Diesel, the Belgian shepherd who tragically died in the raids following the November 13th Paris attacks. And they’re not the first – Russia also donated a German shepherd puppy called Dobrynya earlier this month.
  • On Tuesday I went to see the Dartford pantomime, Dick Whittington, which was really good fun. It had all the usual cheesy panto stuff, but also included a couple of original touches like a giant kraken and a cool 3D section (and I don’t even like 3D). And as if that wasn’t enough, when I posted my review of the show on Twitter, I got tweeted back by its star, Shane Richie – which, I have to say, was actually pretty exciting.
  • When a 95-year-old pianist from Somerset placed an ad on Gumtree looking for musicians to jam with, he wasn’t expecting over 80 responses from all over the country. Edward Hardy, who has dementia and now lives in a care home, was also reunited with three former band mates who he hadn’t seen for 35 years.
  • The December stationery box from Happy Paper Club arrived on Thursday, and I think it might be the best yet. Alongside a set of greeting cards and a memo pad (super useful, especially when you’re as forgetful as I am), the highlights this month were a canvas bag and a new gratitude journal, which was particularly welcome because mine’s almost full 🙂

Happy Paper Club

How was your week?

PS Remember the loneliest boy in Britain, Aron Anderson? Well, he’s now received over 2,000 Christmas cards and presents as a result of that Reddit campaign. Merry Christmas, Aron!


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