Happy Sunday: turtles, Minions and the kindness of strangers

I thought I’d try something different for today’s Sunday post. In a week that’s been overshadowed by sad and scary events like the San Bernardino shooting, last night’s Tube knife attack in London, and the vote by Britain’s MPs to launch air strikes on Syria, I felt it would be a nice idea to focus on some good news stories for a change.

So for this post, I’ll be sharing some of my own happy things from the past week, and also searching the web for positive stories from around the world. If you have something happy you’d love to share – either your own or from the news – please let me know in the comments.

This week:

    • I got to watch two great plays, Hangmen and A Christmas Carol… More or Less. And because I was reviewing, the tickets were free – although I would have happily paid, as both were fantastic.
    • After pizza delivery guy and recovering drug addict Jeff Louis was given a $700 tip by a church in Ohio in late November, he posted an emotional thank you video on YouTube, which has since been watched by over a million people. And then this week, a drug treatment centre in California saw the video and offered to cover the cost of his rehab and therapy.
    • The Happy Newspaper is here! Created by Emily Coxhead (check out my review of her Little Box of Happy Things a few weeks ago), it’s 32 pages of pure happiness and I absolutely love it. It’ll have its own blog post later in the week, but to find out more in the meantime, visit thehappynewspaper.com.

Happy Newspaper

  • In Japan, they’ve started building ‘turtle tunnels‘, concrete ditches underneath train tracks that give turtles a safe way to cross. This has the double benefit of avoiding disruption for humans, and – most importantly – saving the turtles from death by train.
  • I had a really good week at work, with a couple of very positive meetings, some exciting opportunities, and that happy feeling that comes with getting lots of things done. And I learnt how to do basic video editing, thanks to a little bit of self-teaching and quite a lot of patience from a colleague who was on hand to answer my silly questions. It’s amazing what a buzz you can get from achieving the simplest thing.
  • Reddit member BesottedScot’s launched a campaign to send Christmas cards to ‘Britain’s loneliest schoolboy‘, Aron Anderson. 10-year-old Aron lives on the remote Scottish island of Out Skerries and is the only pupil in his school since his friends and older brothers moved on to secondary school in Lerwick, two and a half hours away.
  • I’m finally starting to feel Christmassy after a lovely book club festive do last night. As per tradition, this included the exchange of Secret Santa gifts, and clearly whoever got me knows I love Minions. How do I look? 😉


  • A little girl who really, really wants a cat for Christmas asked Santa in as many languages as possible. I don’t know if she’s going to get a cat, but at least she now knows how to say it in 16 languages, and you have to admire her dedication to the cause.
  • On Friday night, as I tried to figure out how to get home when all the trains were delayed, a very kind lady offered me a lift to another station. I didn’t accept, because it wouldn’t actually have got me any closer to home, but she didn’t have to offer and I really appreciated it.

How was your week?


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday: turtles, Minions and the kindness of strangers

  1. It’s been a good photography week for me and I am excited about a project I’m planning for after Christmas. And I love this little film about l’Arche: youtu.be/Mv6Y_ql-TRY It’s a good reminder about the happiness that small gestures can bring.

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