Photo Sunday: hiking in Canada

For today’s Photo Sunday, I thought I’d dig up some old pictures from a holiday nine years ago in Canada – still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I was visiting my sister, who was living there at the time, and the two of us spent a couple of days in the Rocky Mountains, where we decided to hike from Lake Louise to the Six Glaciers Teahouse. This is one of two famous tea houses in the area (the other is the Lake Agnes Teahouse), and it’s worth visiting even if you don’t drink tea, because the views are spectacular.

When we got there, after a brief stop for tea and cake, we decided to keep going up to the top of the trail and down the other side to Lake Agnes, before eventually finding our way back to our hostel and collapsing in a heap. (Looking back, and knowing how dependent I am these days on my phone to get me anywhere, I’m pretty impressed we did find our way back in one piece.)

It may be a while ago, but there are some things you don’t easily forget. Here are a few of my lasting memories from that very long but amazing day:

– Before we even got to Lake Louise, walking through the trees shouting and singing at the tops of our voices to scare the bears away.

– Clinging to each other on the side of a mountain, which was sometimes knee-deep in snow. Fortunately we each took it in turns to freak out, so one of us was always calm enough to talk the other through it.

– As we staggered our way up the mountain (and then inched our way down the other side), watching people who were a lot fitter and less terrified than we were, sprinting past us.

– Meeting three girls, when we finally reached the bottom of the trail, who asked if they’d be okay going up in jeans and normal trainers. We said no. They went anyway…


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