Monday Motivation: Say thank you

Following last Monday’s post, where I shared the fascinating and very funny talk by Shawn Achor about choosing to live a happier life (if you haven’t seen it, go and have a watch), I’ve decided to make this a regular feature.

This is only partly because it means I get to spend hours watching TED talks as research. Honest.

So today’s talk is by Brian Doyle, who, after narrowly avoiding a fatal car crash, realised how much could have been left unsaid, and made a decision to say thank you to someone in his life every day for a year.

Now I don’t think I could follow Brian’s example – mostly because I’m pretty sure I don’t know 365 people – but I do like the idea of saying thank you to those who’ve made a difference in our lives. It’s easy to take people for granted, or to assume they know we’re grateful and so never actually say it.

But a thank you – like a kind gesture – costs nothing, and, as Brian explains, could change everything, for both the thanker and the thankee (is thankee a word? Well, it is now).

Have you said thank you lately?


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