Photo Sunday: Autumn colours

It happens every year. November arrives, and I assume that just because I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, nobody else has either. And then I pop out to Bluewater, the shopping centre close to where I live, and find it heaving with people, all getting in each other’s way as they try to get their shopping done early. It seems to get a bit earlier each Christmas – soon we’ll all be buying our presents in June.

Fortunately, Bluewater also has a sanctuary from the chaos and noise; at the back of the centre there’s a pretty lake area, with a path to walk round the perimeter, and benches to sit and relax for a while before heading back into the scrum. I headed out there earlier this afternoon, partly to escape from the madness indoors, but also to try and get some good autumnal photos. The moment I turned away from the road, it was like all the noise had been turned off, and I found myself alone but for a handful of other people enjoying the surroundings.

On the photo front, I think I missed the best of the colours, but there are still a few trees that catch the eye – and it’s a lovely area at any time of year, a great place to pause and collect your thoughts before another week begins. Hopefully a little of that tranquility comes through in the photos.

Happy Sunday!


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