Halloween hilarity

So, November. How did that happen? October was a bit of a blur, and with a million other things going on, I totally neglected the blog (sorry). So in an attempt to make up for this, I spontaneously decided last night to join NaBloPoMo. Because I’m too busy to do NaNoWriMo this year – so obviously, committing to writing a blog post every day for a month is a good idea. Right?

Anyway, let’s start as we mean to go on, and kick off with a post about Halloween. I’ve never really done Halloween, because I’m a total wuss about anything scary or gory. But over the last few years it’s become something of a tradition at work to dress up and indulge in a bit of silliness. Here are a few particularly entertaining memories:

The eyeball cake. Which was horribly confusing, because it tasted delicious, but made me queasy when I cut into it (you know what I’m like with eye stuff). Someone helpfully stabbing a knife through the middle didn’t help, either.

Eyeball cake

Doing a job interview in fancy dress. We warned the candidates in advance (didn’t want them to think we always looked like that) and one offered to dress up himself. So we conducted a serious interview dressed as a devil (me) and a scary clown (him). And before you ask – no, he still didn’t get the job.

This. There are no words.


When the only candle available was a bit too big for the pumpkin. So it had to be wedged in, and then it slowly roasted the pumpkin from the inside out. The office smelled amazing, though.

The finger cake. Much less distressing than the eyeball cake – and once again delicious – but still a bit scarier than your average cake.


Pumpkin carving. This year, five of my more artistically inclined colleagues had a competition, and then the rest of us got to vote for the winner. I didn’t participate because there was a very good chance that a) I’d cut my finger off, and b) whatever I did produce would be unrecognisable. So I took photos instead.

Pumpkin carving competition

That time we made a movie. We had a lot of fun on Friday making this silly little film. And now we’re eagerly awaiting our Oscar nominations.

Okay – 2 days down, 2 posts published. Only 28 to go. Is anyone else doing NaBloPoMo? Maybe we can help each other through it…


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