Photo Sunday: The Secret Garden

You know how before you book a restaurant, you’re supposed to do research, read reviews, check menus, that sort of thing?

On the other hand, you could do what my friends and I did, and just choose a place based on its name. But to be fair, if that place is called The Secret Garden, can you really blame us?

This little gem actually is pretty secret, tucked away in a business village near Ashford in Kent. We opted for afternoon tea, which included finger sandwiches, scones and an amazing range of beautiful cakes. And just for fun, we had a glass of bubbly each as well. Because – well, why not?

After filling up on cake, we went for a wander in the garden (although not a very long one, because despite being a lovely day, it was also really cold). The Secret Garden is a popular wedding venue, and I can see why – it’s a gorgeous setting, and I can imagine it’ being a pretty magical place to get married.

They don’t just do afternoon tea at the Secret Garden; you can also enjoy evening tea, Sunday lunch, regular lunch, and – wait for it – Pudding Night. Which I definitely feel needs checking out, purely so I can blog about it, of course. You’re welcome.

So, there you go – now you don’t need to choose the Secret Garden based just on its name. And if you decide to get married there, remember who recommended it to you. (Just saying.)


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