Photo Sunday: Sark

I’m just back from a long weekend visiting my friend in Guernsey – my third trip to the island, but my first with my new camera. (Cue a lot of my friend standing around waiting for me, while I did my best tourist impression.) Unsurprisingly, I took a lot of photos – so many, in fact, that I’m going to spread them over a few blog posts.

Let’s start with our first day, Friday, when we went to one of the neighbouring islands, Sark. Fortunately, this was also the best weather day of the weekend, so we could see the amazing views in all their glory. And we didn’t freeze (or drown) on the ferry from Guernsey.

A few highlights:

La Coupée

A narrow, winding path that connects Sark to Little Sark, boasting some absolutely incredible views. Crossing it in daylight is one thing, but I wouldn’t want to try it at night; Sark is a dark sky island and has no public street lights, so my friend had some fun imagining the perilous journey home from the pub for Little Sark residents. Rather them than me…

Cream tea

Cream tea is a big deal on Sark, so much so that they’ve currently got a competition to find the island’s best. Sadly we were only there for a few hours, so we didn’t have time to sample them all – but we did enjoy a very nice cream tea at the very lovely La Sabonnerie hotel on Little Sark.

Window in the Rock

This is basically what it says on the tin – a window in the rock, framing a stunning view, and just inches from a sheer drop; I think I enjoyed it more than my friend, who’s not fond of heights. (I also couldn’t go as close to the edge as I wanted to, thanks to a semi-hysterical woman who seemed convinced we’d all die if I did.)

I’m not sure I’d want to live on Sark – it’s a bit too remote – but I did love it there, and would definitely go back, if only to sample some more of their cream tea. I also think it would make a great location for a winter writing retreat…

PS Technically the sunset photos are on the return journey and then back in Guernsey, but come on – I was hardly going to leave them out, was I?


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