Little Happy Things

Is it me, or is the Internet becoming a really miserable place? It feels like every time I go on Facebook or Twitter lately, someone’s having a moan.

I’m not saying anger is always a bad thing. Sometimes it can be really productive, and bring about much-needed change. But what I’m talking about is when we make a point of logging on just to complain at people who didn’t cause the problem, and who probably can’t do anything about it.

For instance, I could take to Facebook to grumble about the fact that yesterday I ate a vomit-flavoured Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean that my colleague brought back from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. But I won’t. Mostly because I want to forget it ever happened, but also because nobody really needs to know. And it won’t make me not have eaten it. Unfortunately.

By the way, don’t even get me started on the people who go on Facebook, write a cryptic post about how sad/angry/frustrated they are, then refuse to talk about it when people ask. The only reason those people didn’t make it into my recent love/hate tag post is because… well, I only just thought of it, to be honest. But that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Anyway. Deep breaths.

You may remember the other day I said I was planning a little challenge. Well, here’s what I want to do, and I hope some of you will join me, or I’m going to feel a bit silly…


For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing lots of positive things on my new Twitter account @happythingsblog. I call it #littlehappythings, because – as I think we’ve established – I’m rubbish at naming stuff. And since I know everyone has little happy things in their life, I quite like the idea that if we all talk about it, we can balance out some of the misery taking over the Internet.

(Ambitious, moi?)

Now just to be clear, I’m not saying everyone has to be happy all the time. Or even that we should all stop complaining about anything (because who doesn’t enjoy a good rant from time to time?). If you’ve just been run over by a bus, please feel free to make as much fuss as you like. What I’m suggesting is that instead of taking to social media to complain about the weather, or the traffic, or the cost of baked beans, we share something happy instead. Because I think that’s a lot more fun.

This isn’t a formal challenge. You don’t have to sign up for it, it definitely won’t cost you anything, and I’m not going to check up on anyone. There are no prizes for taking part either, but I hope that won’t deter you from joining in.

Where do I take part?

You can use any social media you like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – anything. Just use hashtag #littlehappythings to spread the joy, and if you tag me on Twitter @happythingsblog I’ll probably RT you. You can also come and post on the Blog of Happy Things Facebook page; it’ll make a change from me banging on about what makes me happy all the time.

What can I share?

Anything you like, as long as it’s happy. It could be kind words about a friend (make sure you tag them; it might make their day), a cute cat video, a good news story or just a simple pleasure. There’s only one rule, and it’s a fairly important one: No Complaining Allowed 😉

When do I start?

Whenever you like. This isn’t a timed thing; I’d love it to go on forever.

How often do I have to post?

Whenever the mood takes you; you can post as often or as little as you like.

And that’s about it, really! I’m going to carry on sharing my #littlehappythings regardless, but I really hope some of you will want to join me. It’ll be fun, I promise 🙂


13 thoughts on “Little Happy Things

  1. I love this and will definitely be joining in. In fact I’m going to start right now! The world needs more happiness 🙂

  2. This is a lovely idea! There’s so much negativity on social media, people will find anything to complain about. This will be a nice change from all that and I think it’s great to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures in life. Great post! Hope you’re having the best day!!

    -Nabeela xo

    1. Thanks Nabeela! Absolutely, I’m so tired of going on to Facebook and seeing people logging on just to have a moan. Hopefully we’ll all have a bit more fun this way 🙂 And thanks, my day is fab so far – hope yours is too! x

  3. This is such a brilliant idea! Yay! Will most certainly be joining in. Love you blog its wonderfully inspirational xx

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