The Love/Hate Tag

Thank you to the lovely Sarah at Things Sarah Loves for nominating me in the Love/Hate Tag! Now technically, writing about things I hate goes against all the rules of this blog… but I feel it’s about time I actually completed something I’ve been tagged in. So here goes:

10 things I love

(A lot of these won’t be a surprise…)

Sunsets. Obviously.

A nice cup of tea. There’s nothing that a cup of tea can’t fix. Well, maybe a few things. But not many.

nice cup of tea solves everything

My bed. In fact I might love it a bit too much… (Big surprise, I’m still no good at mornings.)

The theatre. People keep asking me if I’m sick of it yet, now that I go to the theatre on average 2 or 3 times a week. Nope. I still love it.

A great book that I can’t put down. You know the kind that you think about all day and can’t wait to get back to – or have to stay up all night finishing. That kind.

Pandas. I’ve recently realised that I love pandas; there’s something irresistible about their faces. I think it’s because they always look slightly confused. They’ll never beat tigers, but they’re still pretty awesome.

Giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo

Christmas. And my birthday. Because I’m basically a child.

Pimm’s. I think my love for Pimm’s may only be increasing as the years go by. It’s just not summer without it.

Tennis. Especially the Davis Cup. You can’t beat that atmosphere.

Davis Cup

Laughing at something really stupid. Until you can’t breathe and your ribs hurt, and you don’t even remember what you’re laughing about, but you just know that it was really, really funny.

10 things I hate

The Piccadilly Line. I find it hard to explain how much I hate travelling on the Piccadilly Line, which is hot, sweaty and always rammed. It even makes the District Line seem comfortable.

Mind the Gap

Chewing gum. I’ve never quite been able to see the point of it, and I can’t stand listening to other people chew it. 

Bugs. Of all kinds, but especially spiders and wasps. Moths are fine.

Anything to do with eyes. I mean like eye injuries, that kind of thing. Watching Game of Thrones is basically hell for me. (I really don’t know why I do it.)

Eyeball cake

Smoking. Because bleurgh.

Beer. I’ve never been particularly keen, but one night a few years ago decided in my wisdom to mix beer and sambuca, and ended up with my first (and hopefully last) alcohol-related injury. No more beer for me.

Crowds. Not in a claustrophobic way, but because I can’t stand that shuffling walk you have to do to get anywhere.

People who talk in the theatre. No. Just no. You’re not in your living room. Sssh.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, London

Extreme temperatures. I hate being too hot or too cold. And I’m not a fan of average temperatures, because I never know what to wear. So basically, I’m British. (I’m not keen on rain, either.)

Being wrong. Even though I assume most of the time that I am wrong, I hate it when I’m proved right. About being wrong. If that makes sense.

And now I nominate Lexie, Dani, SafiaIoana and Rachel; let’s hear your 10 loves and hates! (Sorry if any of you have already done it…)


13 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Tag

  1. Snap to almost everything! Especially chewing gum noises and crowds!!!!! Bleurgh! Thank you for the nomination- will be up on Friday! X

    1. Ah yes I used to live on the Northern Line so I feel your pain! Because I work in SW London it tends to be either District or Piccadilly that I need most of the time but I know they’re not the only horrid lines to travel on! I hate trains in general, really… 😉

  2. Aaaah I share so many of your loves – tea, bed, books. Sometimes it is good to focus on our loves and unloves. It’s make us realise our priorities!

  3. I’m obsessed with pandas at the moment too! I love their ears 🙂

    And YES to the weather. Especially the average temperatures because yeah what do I wear?! I feel like I’m being tricked!! Don’t even get me started on my office air conditioning!

    1. You have air con?! We’d kill for air con in our office, even though I don’t know anyone who has it that actually likes it. The grass is always greener… 😉

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