Calm down, dear

Writing this post with one eye on Wimbledon, so please forgive any typos… ūüėČ

Today I read this news story about parents in the USA, who are all getting very worked up over a Minion toy from a McDonalds Happy Meal. Apparently, they think it sounds like the little yellow guy is saying something rude to their kids, and now McDonalds have been forced to defend themselves, and waste their breath explaining that Minion language is NOT A REAL LANGUAGE.


Now, I’m not a parent – maybe if I had kids I’d be more bothered. But do we really have so much time on our hands that we can get worked up over stuff like this? If the toy were actually swearing, that would be one thing. But it obviously isn’t, and – let’s be honest – kids are likely to hear far worse just by stepping out of their front door, anyway. (And while we’re on the subject, I’m pretty sure there are¬†worse things coming out of McDonalds than a potentially foul-mouthed toy.)

Here is the offending item:

You only have to look at Facebook and Twitter¬†to see that some people just love¬†being outraged. If they haven’t had a go at someone, they feel they’ve wasted their day. And that’s okay, I guess – if their fury is over something reasonable, and the person they’re shouting at is actually responsible for their¬†trouble. Although to be honest, even then I’d hesitate before yelling at someone – but that’s just me.

Wouldn’t life be nicer if our first instinct wasn’t always to take everything so very personally? I’m always amazed – and slightly horrified – by the venom that comes spewing out of people when the trains are delayed. Yes, it’s annoying, but what can you really do except deal with it? Getting angry doesn’t make the train go faster, it doesn’t help anyone else¬†and it definitely doesn’t help you. So why bother?

If recent world events have shown us anything, it’s that life can be heartbreakingly short.¬†The horrifying massacre in Tunisia, followed swiftly by the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, put a lot of things in perspective. We never know what’s around the corner, and every second we waste being angry about something – whether it’s justified rage or not – is one that we could have spent on something happier.

I don’t want to look back on my life and realise all I did was complain and moan (which is kind of the whole reason I started this blog, as you probably know). And I definitely don’t want to look back and realise¬†I spent more than ten seconds of my time stressing¬†about whether or not a minion is swearing at my child.

So let’s all just chill out and enjoy this video. And no, the minions do not swear, unless you’re offended by bananas or potatoes. Although, full disclosure, there is a brief moment of violence at the end…


4 thoughts on “Calm down, dear

  1. The situation is funny and I agree with you about worse things coming out of McDonalds than a naughty toy.

    I saw the 7/7 memorial this week and it does put things into perspective. We are so fragile, lets spend our time smiling and not complaining.

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