Time for a change, continued

Well, today has been an exciting day. Firstly because London was back to a temperature you can actually live in (unlike yesterday, which was all kinds of nasty). But mostly because today I launched my new theatre blog, which, after much* deliberation, I decided to name… The Blog of Theatre Things.

The Blog of Theatre Things

* actually very little deliberation. I really can’t do names.

Anyway, it’s here! And currently looking a little bit empty but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Besides the first post, a brief guide to life as a theatre blogger, there are pages with links to all my posts for London Theatre 1, London Theatre Direct and a couple of guest reviews on other sites, plus all my previous reviews on here. So I guess there’s quite a lot there really…?

I’d love if you could pop over and check out the new blog when you have a moment, and of course that you’ll stay with me here as well. I’ve got lots of exciting plans for both blogs, and it would be great to have you along on the ride đŸ™‚

Twitter-wise, the plan is to keep using @lizzid82 for the theatre blog and switch to the new one – @happythingsblog – for this one. But they’re both me, just wearing slightly different hats, so please feel free to come and say hello on either and I’ll always be happy to see you!

Oh, one more thing. If anyone’s ever interested in guest blogging on either site, that would be fab – tweet me or drop me an email to theblogofhappythings@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll get straight back to you.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of your day đŸ™‚


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