Time for a change

Back when I started this blog in 2013, it was just a bit of fun; a place for me to focus on the things that make me happy rather than spending all my time complaining about how rubbish everything is, when in reality it really isn’t that bad.

But over the past two years, a few things have happened. One is that the blog I started as a bit of fun has turned into something I genuinely care about, and I think it really has made me a happier, more positive person. Secondly, I’ve started to feel that I’d like to use the blog to do a little bit of good in the world, rather than just talking about myself all the time.Kingsgate Bay, Kent

The third thing that’s happened isn’t something I ever expected – somehow I’ve stumbled into the awesome world of theatre blogging, and I couldn’t be happier about it. From being a casual theatre fan, suddenly I’m seeing on average 2 or 3 plays a week, and sharing my reviews with people who seem genuinely interested in what I think. It’s been a chaotic few months but I wouldn’t change it for anything, and I hope it’ll continue because I’m loving every minute.

Globe Theatre, London

But the theatre reviewing has, in turn, had two effects: firstly, that I’ve had less time to devote to this blog. And secondly, it means I’m often posting theatre reviews on here, and they don’t entirely fit with the direction I feel the blog’s going in, as much as I love writing them, and – hopefully – people enjoy reading them. So that’s why I’ve decided it’s time to make some changes:

Happy blogging

First of all, I want to get back to blogging here regularly, and to develop the blog into something that will hopefully make other people happy, and not just me. Now just to be clear, we’re not talking anything deep. I’m not about to start trying to teach anyone how to be happy; I’m not a psychologist (or is it psychiatrist? I always get them mixed up… but anyway I’m neither). And nor am I qualified to talk about depression or anything like that; I wouldn’t try and tell anyone how to deal with something I’ve never experienced and know nothing about.

But what I’d like to do is to encourage anyone who visits the blog to focus on their own happy things, because often I think it’s too easy for us to forget about them when we’ve had a bad day at work, or got caught in the rain, or our train’s delayed, and we start to feel the whole world’s against us. Maybe we can even turn those rubbish things into positive things, with a little bit of creativity. And hopefully we can have some fun along the way, because if we’re not, then really, what’s the point?

Happy orange

Anyway, in an attempt to keep things simple, The Blog of Happy Things now has its own Twitter – @happythingsblog – so please come and say hi 🙂 And remember you can also join me on Facebook, where the madness continues.

Theatre blogging

(Which is not to say that theatre blogging isn’t also happy blogging, but you know what I mean.) I’m in the process of setting up a new site that will be all about theatre, and I hope it should be ready for unveiling in a day or two. I’ll be posting reviews and general theatre musings over there, plus links to my theatre posts on other sites, and anything else vaguely related to the subject (you know how I tend to wander off topic, so who knows where we’ll end up).

I’d love to see you over at the new site if you’re interested in theatre, looking for ideas for a show to see, or just fancy listening to me have a rant about people who use their phones at the theatre. Yep, that’s right – there’ll be no rule against ranting over there. (You may wish to take cover.) I’ll share the link on here as soon as I’m ready to unleash the new site on the world 😉

And that’s it, really! Thank you to everyone who’s been here since the start and I hope you’ll stick with both blogs as they head off in their new directions. Exciting times…!


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