Photo Sunday: Fields and flowers

This morning, I’d planned to head out for a walk around Meopham in Kent, and play some more with my new camera. So, of course, the weather refused to co-operate, and was stubbornly grey and a bit drizzly throughout our five-mile walk. This meant that some of the views, which I imagine are pretty spectacular in sunshine, were a bit disappointing. Especially after you’ve just climbed a massive hill just to see them.

But it was good to be out in the fresh air – despite getting lost and confused a few times, and on one occasion having to be helped out by a friendly neighbour (who’s clearly used to bewildered walkers stumbling on to her property). And I still got to take a few photos, especially of the seemingly endless wheat fields near Camer Park. At least I assume they were wheat; I have no idea, to be honest. I’d love to go back another time when the sun’s out – although I’m not sure I could climb those hills again…


3 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: Fields and flowers

    1. Thanks, that’s my favourite too 🙂 Hoping the sun is going to put in an appearance soon, I’m getting a bit bored of grey skies!

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