Friday Photo: Daisies

One-off Friday photo this week, because I got a new camera and I’m excited.

Up till now, I’ve been using the camera on my phone – which, to be fair, is really good considering it’s a phone – but last weekend I decided it was time to upgrade. I haven’t gone all out; I opted for a Sony A5000, somewhere in between basic and scary. But it still has lots of settings that I don’t understand, so my first outing yesterday evening was really just a chance to play about a bit and pretend I knew what I was doing. Hopefully the other people in St James’s Park were convinced…

Anyway, I ended up with a few photos that I actually liked (we won’t mention how many rubbish ones there were), and figured that wasn’t bad for a first attempt. Hopefully I’ll be heading out somewhere in the Kent countryside this weekend to try again, so normal service will be resumed on Photo Sunday, but in the meantime, here’s one of the photos from yesterday.

Happy Friday!

Daisies in St James's Park, London


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