Photo Sunday: By the sea

Isn’t it funny how you can live close to somewhere lovely for most of your life, and never know about it?

Last weekend, my sisters and I drove down to the Thanet coast, with a friend who was visiting from Canada. For anyone not familiar with the layout of Kent, Thanet is the north eastern corner, home to Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. It’s not exactly on my doorstep – probably about an hour and a half in total – but hardly an epic drive.

We’d done our research and checked the weather forecast in advance, choosing Sunday because it looked like it was going to be sunny – so you can imagine our disappointment when we woke up to a grey, miserable and very windy day. Still, undeterred, we donned several layers and set off, stopping in Whitstable first for fish and chips (indoors; we drew the line at eating chips on the beach in a howling gale) then continuing on to Botany Bay. From there, we walked along the beach to Kingsgate Bay and finally arrived at Joss Bay as the heavens opened, before sprinting back to the car in the pouring rain.

My sister Caz had spent a lot of time in the area over the winter working on a photography project, so she knew the best places to go (and the best time to go there – there’s a real danger of getting cut off by high tide if you choose the wrong time of day). I’d love to head back there some time when it’s sunny – but even with overcast skies it’s a pretty stunning place, and the four of us spent a happy hour snapping photos and trying not to fall off the rocks (note to self: wear more suitable shoes next time) before the weather put an end to our fun.

Have you ever discovered a hidden gem close to where you live?



3 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: By the sea

  1. Oh, it does look very pretty! I am a huge fan of Kent so pretty much anywhere I visit surprises me, in a good way. The only place I didn’t really like was Margate but we did visit on a very wet day.

    1. It’s really lovely, even on a miserable day! I’ve lived in Kent for most of my life and I still keep discovering new places. I haven’t been to Margate for years, although we used to drive through it all the time, on the way to visit our grandparents. I guess it’s partly because it’s a bigger town, while the areas we visited last weekend were very small and empty!

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