Return of the Happy List

Next week, unbelievably, is my blog’s 2nd birthday. They grow up so fast… It’s been a fantastic two years; I’ve made some new friends, discovered brilliant opportunities and – of course – spent a lot of time thinking about happy things, instead of constantly complaining about how terrible my life is. Although obviously, I still do that sometimes. I’m only human, after all.

Anyway. To celebrate, I’m revisiting one of my favourite posts – the Happy List. I only wrote this a few months ago, but it’s already out of date (this was before I knew about Ross Poldark, for example), not to mention there are a bunch of things I forgot to include. So for my birthday post, I’ll be making some additions to the Happy List – because it seems to me a list like that can never be too long, right?

I’d also love the post to be not just about my happy things, but about yours too – so if you’d like to join in, please tweet me @lizzid82 or email, and tell me up to 10 things that make you happy. (I’ll obviously include a link back to your blog, as a thank you for taking part.) Or, if you prefer, you can drop by on the day (6th June) and add a comment.

Personally, I’ve found that making a list of happy things has been a really fun and healthy experience. I hope it’ll be the same for you đŸ™‚

Have a great day!

What makes you happy?


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