2015 catch-up and new goals

Remember back in January, when I made all those lovely new year’s resolutions? Want to know how many I’ve kept so far this year? Let’s have a quick catch-up:

1. Edit the ‘novel’ I wrote last November. Nope, not even started.

2. Go to the theatre more, including at least one West End show a month. This one I think I’ve more than managed…

3. Clear my desk at work every Friday afternoon. Apart from a couple of weeks when I forgot, this is still sort of happening – although it’s more ‘pile everything up and tuck it in a corner’ than actually clearing the desk.

4. Get up at least fifteen minutes earlier in the mornings. Er… no. If anything, I’m worse at getting up now than I was before, because I’ve got into a very bad habit of going to bed really late (this is often because I’m up writing a theatre review). This also means I’m usually tired at weekends, so I end up sleeping in and wasting any spare time I might have to catch up on things. And so I have to do them in the week – and the whole cycle starts again.

5. Stop snacking. I wouldn’t say I snack a lot, still, but I also think I could definitely eat better than I do. Again, this is usually because I’m too busy to prepare healthy meals, so I just end up throwing something together – often something that’s bad for me.

6. Try and stop worrying about silly things. I think I might have to just accept that I’m never going to stop this. It’s just the way I’m made.

7. Learn German. Well, I completed the uTalk challenge – but that’s as far as I got. And I haven’t done anything since. Doh.

To do list

Clearly, theatre aside, I haven’t had a particularly successful year up to now – so I’ve decided to set some new goals for myself, to achieve between now and the end of 2015:

1. Go to bed before midnight when possible. Don’t spend the evening faffing about and then start working at 11pm (she says, writing a blog post at 10.30pm…) Try and get six hours sleep a night, minimum.

2. Get up ten minutes earlier each day. More if possible. Ten minutes is really not that much.

3. Edit the novel. It’s scary because it needs a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it, even if nobody but friends and family ever read the finished article.

4. Get back to blogging on here at least twice a week. Make a plan; schedule posts. Be organised.

5. Learn to say no sometimes. Stop trying to do everything, and don’t feel guilty about refusing.

6. Stop eating rubbish. (Not literally, obviously.) Eat more salad and other good things.

7. At weekends, get up when the alarm goes off, not an hour later. Make to do lists for any time off and then actually do the stuff on it.

8. Do more exercise. Plan another charity walk, and get training for it. (I think we all know running’s not an option.)

9. Get back to learning German. Start by going back through uTalk, and take it from there.

10. Finish the big clear-out. Remember, the one that was supposed to happen in February, but didn’t?

So these are my new goals, and you’re my witnesses. I’ll be posting more over the next few weeks, setting myself some specific targets and deadlines, and at least once a month with updates – so hopefully that’ll mean I actually stick to them this time. If not, you have my full and total permission to shout at me…

Happy new year (again)! And now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time I went to bed 😴


6 thoughts on “2015 catch-up and new goals

  1. I’m right there with you on the language learning front. Need to pick up the pace again with both French AND Japanese!

    And hey, we should go out for lunchtime picnics since it’s sort of getting warmer and walk up to the green in between Parsons Green and Fulham Broadway. Bit of a leg stretch and some fresh air so that we’re not sat at our desks all day 🙂

    1. Haha that’s true! Although I’ve been doing pretty well on that front, so I thought it was probably about time I focused on some other goals 😉

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