Photo Sunday: Caribbean memories

The other day, I was sorting through old photos, and came across the albums from a 2007 holiday with three of my best friends on the Caribbean island of St Kitts. Had I been blogging back then, there would have been many, many posts about it, because, to this day, it’s one of my favourite holidays. Everything about it was perfect, from the stunning sunsets to our gorgeous villa (which was a bargain because my friend knew the owner), the friendly people to the fantastic weather, not to mention our awesome little car, Pedro, who was very old and not very good at getting up hills…

There was the amazing infinity pool, where my friend tried and failed to teach me how to swim. And the day we went horse riding, and I got the lively one (obviously). The beautiful beach that everyone claimed to have been to, and yet was empty every time we went back. That was the holiday when I discovered rum. (Mmm, rum…) And did I mention the sunsets?

So here’s a selection of my photos from that holiday. I hope to go back one day and take many more. And then blog about it. You have been warned…


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