Lazy Sunday

Today, I’m enjoying what is rapidly becoming a rare and wonderful thing – a day off. Taking full advantage, I slept in this morning, finally making it out of bed at about 11am, and leaving the house at 1pm to pop to the shops. Then home again, where I watched a movie and played about on Twitter. Once I’m finished writing this, I’ll probably have dinner, read for a bit and then settle down for my weekly appointment with Captain Poldark.

Life seems to have suddenly got very hectic these past few weeks. (This is not a complaint, just an observation. Although I could probably use a few more hours each night to catch up on sleep.)

There’s work, obviously, which is always busy, and this week took me to Birmingham for a trade show. That might have been tough, had we not been on the stand next to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Cue much excitement and a photo opp on Platform 9 3/4…

Photo opp on Platform 9 3/4

The Birmingham trip also included a stay in the strangest hotel room I’ve ever been in. Instead of a window, it had a TV screen showing a live view of the city (and by that I mean the road outside the hotel) and the bathroom doubled as a shower. My colleague and I also got briefly trapped in a lift, which wasn’t the most fun thing that’s ever happened. But it was quite cosy, and as someone who – for some reason – tends to get quite excited about hotels, I quite enjoyed the different experience.

Then there was our trip to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago for the Davis Cup tennis, which, as you may remember, was exhausting for all the right reasons.

Celebrations at Davis Cup, Glasgow

Add to that book club, a friend’s wedding, family time, a couple of cinema trips and so many theatre outings I’ve literally lost count, and it all adds up to one crazy month. I’ve even had to start writing stuff on an actual calendar, instead of keeping my schedule in my head (which, to be fair, was never a very good idea anyway).

As I said, I’m not complaining; I’d much rather be too busy than have nothing to do. But it’s still nice to have a day for chilling out every now and again. Because who knows when the next one will be?

So if anyone needs me, I’ll be on the sofa.

My sofa


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