What makes you happy?

So apparently today is International Happiness Day. I had no idea this was a thing, but I like it. So I figured it was a good opportunity to think about some of the many things that make me smile.

What are your happy things? Share them in the comments! 🙂

Things that make me happy

White chocolate and strawberry


Coming home, whether it’s after a day or a week, or more

Catching up with friends


Tigers (I want to get one of my own, but apparently they’re a bit of a handful)

Meeting the tigers at Port Lympne, Kent

Going to the theatre

Listening to rain when I’m inside in the warm

My bed

Making new blogger friends

Borrowing other people’s cats

Tommy the cat

Saturday morning lie ins

Sunday morning lie ins (you see where this is going)

Bacon sandwiches

Curling up with a book

Hitting publish on a blog post I’m proud of

Mr Darcy


Sunset over Fulham, London

Garlic bread

My fantastic family

Having a good hair day (I’m growing it out at the moment, so these are worryingly rare)

Looking at snow when I don’t have to go out in it

Belting out show tunes, particularly when in competition with noisy neighbours

Cups of tea

Recommending something to someone and hearing that they liked it

The most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned – currently trying to determine how long I can keep wearing them now that spring is arriving…

Skechers boots

Johnny Depp

Rum and coke

Scottish accents

Long walks

Harry Potter – the books more than the movies, although they’re good too

Bonus sleep (when you wake up early and realise you’ve still got time in bed)

My flat

Cute babies (not just human – baby anythings)

Visiting my friend in Guernsey

St Peter Port lighthouse

Any time I complete a journey without getting lost (seriously – my sense of direction is shocking)

Watching Friends repeats

Getting dressed up for a black tie do

Laughing till you can’t remember why you started

Happy dogs


My car, Pierre


Despicable Me phone case

My Mum and Dad’s house

New Year (the fresh start, not the night itself)


Love Actually (or more accurately, Richard Curtis movies in general)

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Apple crumble and custard

Making lists, apparently

I’m slightly concerned about how many of these involve my bed. Honestly, I’m really not that lazy…

Your turn!

And check out these lovely posts from Francesca at Frantastic View and Lexie at Those Words She Wrote. Great lists, ladies! 🙂


11 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

  1. I wondered what you would come up with for today 🙂 Okay, so off the top of my head:

    1. Watching the sunrise, especially if I am standing on an empty beach
    2. Driving on a quiet, sunny morning
    3. Exploring and photographing somewhere new or an old favourite
    4. Related to the above – Scotney Castle
    5. Spending time with my family
    6. Visiting friends
    7. Selling a photograph (it’s only happened once, but it made me happy!)
    8. Going to the theatre
    9. Having a spare hour or two to read a book, ideally a real one (rather than the e-version)
    10. And connected to the above – spending time browsing in a bookshop
    11. The Rockies – hiking in them, photographing them, driving through them whilst listening to Sigur Ros, being overwhelmed by their beauty and scale
    12. Receiving snail mail from a friend
    13. Sending snail mail to a friend
    14. Finishing a project… and thinking about the next
    15. Photography exhibitions (okay, there’s a bit of a theme here!)
    16. Chocolate ice cream
    17. Listening to an Irish accent, particularly a male one!
    18. Once (the film and the West End show)
    19. The Kent countryside
    20. A bright, crisp winter’s day
    21. Spring
    22. Rainbows and/or beautiful skies
    23. Music. A live gig. Dancing around my flat when nobody can see me
    24. A hug
    25. Cranberry sauce (homemade, not the stuff from the jar)
    26. Photography. Learning about it. Getting better at it. Reading about it. Talking about it. Blogging about it. Looking at other people’s images and sharing my own.

    Will that do?! It’s my longest comment ever…!

  2. That’s an awesome list. Love your boots!
    Here’s a few things that make me happy:
    * Listening to “Pink”
    * Sitting on the sand at the beach watching the waves
    * Playing tennis
    * Baking biscuits
    * Eating biscuits
    * Going out to dinner
    * Scrapbooking.

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