Photo Sunday: #uTalkinpics, week 4

I think I may have blinked and missed February. Seriously, where did it go? I know it’s a short month, but that was ridiculous.

As you may remember, I had two challenges for February. One was to have a massive clear-out of my flat, which I started… but didn’t finish. It turns out I’m far too easily distracted by more fun things like going out, seeing friends and writing blog posts.

That said, I did manage to transform my messy desk into a blogging corner, so that was something.

Blogging corner

Much cosier.

Anyway, my second challenge was the EuroTalk February Photo Challenge, which I have been keeping up with, although this week a few of them were a bit late, thanks to all my late nights out at the theatre.

Here’s my final week of photos:

day 22 – rise and shine

For this one, it had to be a sunrise, and they don’t come much better than this one over the bay in Naples last year. Please ignore the streaky glass and the reflection of me taking the picture on my phone, and focus on the gorgeous view 😉

Language bit: sunrise over the bay is Le alba sulla baia in Italian.

Sunrise over the bay in Naples

day 23 – in town

Well obviously this was going to be the first of my three nights in a row at the theatre, at Miss Saigon. Although having said that, this photo was actually taken last year, because all the photos I took on Monday were a bit rubbish.

Language bit: I’d already done theatre, so instead I went for traurig (sad in German), because that’s what Miss Saigon does to me.

Miss Saigon theatre trip

day 24 – on the road

I realised at this point in proceedings that I hadn’t yet brought out a photo of Mabel the sheep. And that just seemed wrong. So here she is on her ‘walk’ along the Embankment in London in 2014. (Sad news on that front, by the way – the pub have stopped doing the Mabel challenge, so we may have seen the last of her. I’m pretty upset about it.)

Language bit: sheep in German is Schaf.

Mabel the sheep in London

day 25 – reflections

I love reflections photos, but this is one of my favourites – a spooky tree in the fog at Kew Gardens, part of the 2013 Christmas at Kew light trail (back when it was really good, rather than just okay).

Language bit: tree in German is Baum and fog is der Nebel.

Spooky tree at Kew Gardens

day 26 – dreams

I’m known for having very odd dreams (last night, for example, I dreamed that I was looking after some Game of Thrones memorabilia, but I lost it, so when Daenerys – the actual Khaleesi, by the way, not just the actress who plays her – turned up to see it, she was very upset). So I thought I’d play it safe with this one and throw in a cute photo of Tommy the cat having a snooze, when he stayed with me in January. I wonder what he was dreaming about?

Language bit: cat in German is die katze.

Sleepy cat

day 27 – have a drink

After a stressful day on Friday, I was tempted to use this challenge as an excuse to have a drink, but I resisted the temptation and used an old photo instead. This was taken last summer after the TEDx event at the Houses of Parliament; our tickets included a reception on the balcony, and I spent several minutes trying to find the perfect angle for this shot, when I probably should have been having a serious conversation with one of the speakers. Ah well.

Language bit: last summer in German is ‘im letzten Sommer’.

On the balcony at the Houses of Parliament

day 28 – favourite time of day

Well there was only ever going to be one contender for the time of day… but the question was, which photo to use? In the end I settled on this one, taken last year at Cobo Bay in Guernsey.

Language bit: I already did sunset in German so here it is in Spanish: el ocaso

sunset, Cobo Bay in Guernsey

And that’s me done!

So what next for March? Someone suggested doing a good turn every day, which I love and will try to do, but I probably won’t blog about it very much, because writing about what a nice person I’m being would feel quite weird and goes against all my self-effacing instincts… 😉

I also have a vague idea that I’d like to start some kind of campaign – if that’s not too grand a word – to raise awareness of proper theatre etiquette. This has been brewing for some time, but after witnessing the shocking behaviour of other theatregoers this week (talking, texting, wandering about, eating, filming, heckling, whistling!), I’d really like to try and do something. Yesterday I was in a theatre full of children, and they were quieter and better behaved than a lot of adults at the other shows I saw earlier in the week. That says a lot, I think.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the plan is yet, or if anything will actually happen, but I’ll keep you posted 😉

What’s everyone else up to in March?


5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: #uTalkinpics, week 4

    1. Thanks! I only really thought of the idea this morning so it needs some more thought 🙂 I can’t believe how rude some people are – there was a woman on her phone in the 2nd row of Miss Saigon on Monday, I couldn’t believe it!

      1. That’s outrageous! Some people have no idea how lucky they are to be watching such incredible productions, they have no sense of respect for the hard work of the cast and crew. Being there on Monday too and witnessing how utterly breathtaking the performance was I just can’t comprehend how anyone would be on their phone, if it’s an emergency just leave the theatre!x

      2. I know, it makes me so angry. Apart from anything else, do they not realise that when their phone lights up, the actors can see it?! The woman in question put her phone away eventually, I think she could feel the rest of us glaring at her 😉

      3. I know they must think their phones are invisible to everyone but them. Yes certainly sounds like the lady realised the errors of her ways from the glares of the angry theatre mob 🙂 x

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