Photo Sunday: #uTalkinpics, week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the EuroTalk February Photo Challenge. Each day I’ve been sharing a picture and learning a word in a new language, usually German. Here’s the selection for this past week:

DAY 8 – relax

Last Sunday, I was about as relaxed as anybody could possibly be, because I had the following week off work. So I spent the afternoon and evening with my feet up, reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin for book club and generally chilling out. (Let’s not talk about how different today feels. Sob.)

Language bit: Sunday evening in German is ‘Sonntagabend’.

Alone time


DAY 9 – technology

Not the most exciting theme, but while out in the sunshine on Monday morning I thought this pylon looked pretty impressive against the blue sky. I’m sure the van driver who went past just as I was taking the photo didn’t think I was strange at all 😉

Language bit: electricity in German is ‘der Strom’.



DAY 10 – culture

You’ve got to love a good book, especially when it comes with chocolate. I think that says it all, really.

Language bit: book in German is ‘das Buch’, and chocolate is ‘die Schokolade’.

Books and chocolate


DAY 11 – shapes

This photo was taken on one of the Golden Jubilee footbridges in London; I’ve always loved the shape of it and the way the pillars tower over you in a huge triangle. It looks particularly impressive at night, and also boasts some pretty amazing views of the city.

Language bit: triangle in German is ‘das Dreieck’.

Golden Jubilee Bridge, London

DAY 12 – weather

Any excuse to share a picture of cool clouds (and a little bit of sunset too). This photo was taken last year in Greenhithe, Kent.

Language bit: clouds in German is ‘Wolken’.

Clouds and sunset


DAY 13 – night out

I was out during the day on Friday, and after driving home in the pouring rain and nearly getting squished by a couple of trucks, I wasn’t really in the mood to go out again. So here’s a photo from my night out with my work colleagues on Monday, and my very sexy bowling shoes 😉

Language bit: shoes in German is ‘die Schuhe’.

Bowling shoes

DAY 14 – love

Being something of a grinch about Valentine’s Day, I decided to take a different approach to this one and share something else that I love: the theatre. On Thursday night I went to see Made in Dagenham, but first I called in for a cup of tea at the new Theatre Café on Shaftesbury Avenue. With theatre memorabilia on the walls, show tunes blasting out, and even a place to book tickets, what’s not to love?

Language bit: theatre in German is ‘das Theater’.

Theatre Cafe, London


All the details about the challenge are at – it’s not too late to join in! And now I have to go and get ready for work tomorrow. Sob. (Again.)


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