Photo Sunday: #uTalkinpics, week 1

This week, I’ve been doing the EuroTalk February Photo Challenge, sharing a photo each day and learning a language all at once. (That’s what you call multi-tasking.) I’ve been sharing a mixture of old and new photos, and most importantly, I’ve managed to go a whole week without using any sunset pictures. Yes, I’m as shocked as anyone.

So here we go with week 1:

Day 1 – Holiday

I decided to take a slightly different approach to this one, because I didn’t want to flood Twitter with photos of beaches. So I dug out a photo of the Christmas penguins (now an essential element of any festive celebration, as regular readers will know).

Language bit: penguins in German is ‘Pinguine’.

Christmas penguins

Day 2 – Monday Blues

As it happens, this particular Monday wasn’t too depressing. But it was pretty freezing in our office, so I spent most of the day chain-drinking tea. Which helped. And then I got a colleague to take a photo over my shoulder. Which was a bit weird.

Language bit: cup of tea in German is ‘die Tasse Tee’.

Monday Blues - cold hands

Day 3 – colour

The colour theme gave me a great excuse to shout about the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, and its beautiful stained glass windows. Yes, again.

Language bit: these are called ‘vitralls’ in Catalan.

Sagrada Familia stained glass windows

Day 4 – Everyday

I briefly considered taking a photo of the train, but that was just a bit too depressing, so instead I went for the view from our office – not bad, eh? (Although better when the sun’s shining, obviously.)

Language bit: view in German is ‘der Blick’.

View from the officeDay 5 – Nature

I was at work on day 5, and not really in a position to go out looking for nature, so I spent ages looking through my old pictures before settling on this one – which I’m still quite proud of, because it involved being brave and going outside in a thunderstorm.

Language bit: storm in German is ‘ein Sturm’.

During storm

Day 6 – Work

I was working from home on Friday, so this was my office. And yes, of course my coffee table is always that tidy, and I didn’t have to move everything off and dump it on the sofa before I could take this photo… Ahem.

Language bit: my office in German is ‘mein Büro’.

working from home

Day 7 – Food

There was only ever going to be one candidate for this one… the legendary strawberry and blueberry cheesecake from Dubh Prais restaurant in Edinburgh. (My sister pointed out yesterday that I’m giving them a lot of free advertising – so my plan is to let them know, and hope that they’re willing to pay me in cheesecake. Win-win, right?)

Language bit: cheesecake in German is ‘Kaseküchen’.

Strawberry and blueberry cheesecake, Dubh Prais, Edinburgh

To keep up to date on my #uTalkinpics photos, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. And it’s not too late to join in the challenge yourself, if that’s your kind of thing. All the details are at Have fun!



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