You never know

Just had to share this amazing story for anyone who hasn’t heard about it.

There’s a photographer in the States called Brandon Stanton, who runs a website called Humans of New York. His idea is very simple; he stops people in the street and asks if he can take their photo. At the same time, he asks them a little about their life. Then, each day, he posts a new picture online, accompanied by a quote from that person.

My sister Caz first told me about Humans of New York, which now has 12 million likes on Facebook, and I’ve been following ever since. What I love about Brandon’s work is that it proves you can never know what’s going on with someone just by looking at them. I’m always amazed at how much his subjects are willing to tell him, and it makes me think that maybe it just needed someone to actually ask the right question. Most of us don’t even look at the people we pass on the street every day; maybe we should start.

But anyway, the point of today’s post is to talk about what’s going on right now. A little over two weeks ago, Brandon met Vidal, a schoolboy from Brooklyn. Vidal told him about his school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy, and his principal, Ms Lopez. Most importantly, he explained how Ms Lopez struggled to support her students, and fought to make them understand that each of them counted, and deserved to do well, despite all the challenges she faced leading a school in a really deprived area of the city.

Since then, Brandon and HONY have raised over $1.5 million to start a scholarship fund for Vidal’s school, with the first recipient being Vidal himself. Ms Lopez and Vidal have appeared on TV, and today, this happened:

And all because of a chance encounter in the streets of New York.

I think that’s pretty amazing, and in a world where everything feels pretty messed up a lot of the time, it’s nice to hear stories like these that restore your faith in humanity.

Happy Friday 🙂


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