February challenges

At the start of the year, I said that I was going to set myself a new challenge each month. For January, this was to learn German, using the uTalk app, and I’m happy to say that last Sunday, I completed it! Whether I remember any of it is the next question, but the ultimate test of that will come on Monday (I’ll tell you about that later, if it goes well)…

uTalk challenge completed!

And so to February. This month I thought I’d go for something a bit less taxing on my poor little brain, leaving space for me to continue practising my German; after all, it seems a bit silly to spend a month learning it and then give it up immediately.

This coming month, one of my goals is to have a big clear-out of all the rubbish that’s been piling up at home. I’m a bit of a hoarder, and if I think there’s even the slightest chance I’ll need something again, I can’t throw it out. This has the double consequence of me living surrounded by piles of stuff, and never being able to find the important things when I need them. So it’s got to go.

Besides a general clear-out, I also really want to set myself up with a ‘blogging nook’. This is an idea I discovered on a blog called Smiles and Trials this week, and I knew instantly I wanted one. So my second goal is to transform my desk and its surrounding area, which currently looks like this (oh, the horror):


into a cosy corner where I can retire with my laptop and (hopefully) write some good stuff. Given that I also have a novel to edit, this is probably better done sooner than later…

Also, because apparently this month wasn’t enough for me, I’m taking up another work challenge – although this time I think it won’t be quite such hard work. It’s a photo challenge with a languages twist, so it’ll be more like revision than actual study, and it’ll be a chance to get a bit creative.

Once again, everyone is welcome to join in – all the details you need to get started are on the EuroTalk website. I plan to mostly focus on German, although I might chuck in a few Spanish words for old time’s sake. And no doubt I’ll share my efforts with you as the month goes by 🙂

EuroTalk February Photo Challenge

Has anyone else got any goals for February?


3 thoughts on “February challenges

  1. German is so hard for me to learn! So awesome job! I speak spanish and english…but I would love to learn french and italian. I too need a place to do writing…we have that in common also. I just saw a challenge that caught my eye. A head stand challenge, where u try to do a 4 minute, 30 headstand by the last day. I think that might be my challenge.

    1. Oh wow that sounds like something I would never be able to do! Good luck with it, and with your languages. Hope you get your writing corner soon 🙂

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