Learn a language, fall in love

Back in December, a few of us at work watched the John Lewis Monty the Penguin ad and declared, ‘We can do that.’ (I promise it was mid-morning and we were completely sober.)

And so we put our heads together and came up with an idea for a video that would make the world want to learn languages. Unfortunately, unlike John Lewis, we didn’t have a budget of millions, but what we did have was a great team of people ready to get involved and do their bit – whether that bit was filming, editing, calling every Chinese restaurant in London to find a place that would let us take over for the night, or patiently working till 11 p.m. on the shoot itself with only a short break for tea and biscuits.

I may go on a bit about this over the next few weeks, because I’m very excited about it. You can view the full version at utalk.com/lovestory, but for now here’s the short one. If you enjoy the video, we’d love for you to share it. Thank you 🙂

We also plan to continue the story, so if anyone has any thoughts on what you’d like to happen next, it would be great to hear them!

Everybody say ‘awww’…

And now I’m off to find a nice young man to practise my German on. Who knows what might happen? 😉


2 thoughts on “Learn a language, fall in love

  1. Aw! It’s like Love Actually! Love it! Also, have you seen the Al Murray bit where he does “I love you” in various European languages? You tube it if not. You perhaps have not picked the most romantic language 🙂 xx

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