Festive fun – with added felines

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I spent the holiday with my family in the usual way, eating delicious food and playing silly games. And racing penguins (obviously).

Penguin racing
The one in front is mine. His name is Fred.


This year, we also managed to squeeze in a trip to the theatre, to see The Railway Children at King’s Cross in London. It was really fun, and just about the most British thing I’ve ever seen (lots of ‘you’re a brick’ and ‘that’s ripping!’).

The set is built around a station platform and track, and features a full-size steam train, which was pretty cool. There’s even a bit of audience participation, so you have to go prepared to release your inner child. For me, it was just nice to be at a station and enjoying myself, rather than waiting for a delayed train in the rain. (I wrote a review, if anyone’s interested.)

The Railway Children

So now Christmas is over, and I’m back to work tomorrow. But I’ve spent today at home, embracing my new role as Crazy Cat Lady, as I’m cat-sitting for a friend till next weekend. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem because Tommy the cat is ridiculously cute, although we’re already locked in a battle of wills over who sits where. (Currently, I’m winning, but only just.)

Tommy the cat

It’s hard to argue with that face.

No doubt you’ll hear more about my cat-sitting adventures before the week is out – although hopefully not because he trashes my flat the minute I leave him to go to work…

Happy holidays to those still off work, and commiserations to those who are already back, or about to be. Not long till New Year’s Eve!


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