Christmas at Kew – again

Last year, my lovely work ladies and I had an evening at Kew Gardens, for their annual Christmas at Kew light trail. It was quite odd in places, with a variety of strangely dressed characters telling a story we didn’t really understand, but the lights were very pretty and left us feeling very festive, so this year we decided to go back, lured by the idea of mulled wine and halfway point waffles.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to our expectations. The odd story has been scrapped, but so have a lot of other bits; the trail was a lot shorter and less interactive, and – shock horror – there were no halftime waffles. We expressed our disappointment to a member of staff at the end of the trail, and from his resigned tone I’m guessing we weren’t the first. Christmas at Kew isn’t cheap; it’s £15 a head, and that doesn’t include the fairly pricey food and drink, so we felt we’d been a bit shortchanged.

But then we went to the café and got waffles there, which made everything seem much better. And on reflection, it was still a fun evening – had we not gone last year, we probably would have come away this time telling everyone how good it was. Also, the mulled wine was lovely (which, to be fair, it should have been at £3.50).

The trail started with a light show:

Christmas at Kew

Christmas at Kew

And continued with lightsabers hanging from the sky (obviously).

Christmas at Kew

Then there was the light tunnel, where we tried and failed to take successful selfies:
Christmas at Kew Christmas at Kew

Chandeliers hanging from a tree, accompanied by an eerie rendition of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’:Christmas at Kew A Wishing Tree:Christmas at Kew

No, I’m not telling you what I wished for.Christmas at KewAnd finally, back on the other side of the Palm House, complete with fire:

Christmas at KewChristmas at Kew is good fun, particularly, I imagine, for people with children. This year’s trail isn’t as great as last year’s, but who knows, maybe next year will be better again. And if you do end up disappointed – well, there are always waffles.

Christmas at Kew



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