5 things we actually love about Love Actually

It’s nearly Christmas! And I’m not even close to ready for it. I haven’t put up my Christmas tree, I haven’t done most of my shopping and despite having been to two Christmas parties, I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit yet. Love Actually

So today, in an attempt to fix this, a friend and I got together to watch our ultimate Christmas movie, Love Actually. I think we’ve probably watched it at least once a year since it was released in 2003 (yes, it was so long ago I have it on video), and we never get bored of it.

I know not everyone agrees with us on this, and I’m aware that this movie was never going to win any Oscars. As a professional singleton prone to bouts of bitterness, I should probably hate it – and yet Love Actually never fails to leave me with a warm, Christmassy glow. Here are five reasons why I love it (actually).

1. It’s so British

Love Actually is set in London, so it’s fun to location spot. It’s got Hugh Grant as the British prime minister, falling in love with his secretary because she brings him chocolate biscuits, and telling off the American president by talking about Harry Potter. It’s got cameos by everyone in Britain, from Rowan Atkinson to Ant & Dec. And it’s got Colin Firth in a lake – although not looking quite as dashing as the last time.

2. Andrew Lincoln’s signs

I don’t care if people think it’s weird and creepy. Any time Andrew Lincoln wants to turn up on my doorstep and declare his love for me using cardboard signs, he’s more than welcome.

3. Colin Firth’s dubious language skills

It’s a sad fact that these days, when I watch the scenes where Colin Firth tries and fails to speak Portuguese to Aurelia, all I can think is, ‘He really needs uTalk.’ (In case anyone cares, this is a language learning app made by the company I work for.) But even so, there’s something endearing about a man learning a new language to win over the woman he loves. Even if he has only known her a couple of weeks.

4. Hugh Grant’s awesome dance moves

I’m sure dancing around 10 Downing Street is something David Cameron does all the time, and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. The only thing wrong with this scene is that it’s over too soon.

5. Little Sam

Remember when you were at school and fell in love for the first time? And to get her to love you back, all you had to do was watch Titanic for advice, then learn how to play the drums in a week and chase her through the airport? Life was so much simpler back then.

While we’re on the subject, let’s not forget Rowan Atkinson’s gift wrapping skills, Bill Nighy’s washed-up rock star (‘yes I have, Ant or Dec’), and Rodrigo Santoro (nothing particular, just him).

Is anyone else suddenly feeling Christmassy?


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