Up at the O2

I’ve just climbed over the top of the O2 Arena. Which sounds like quite an odd thing to do, and, to be honest, is. But it was good fun and I’d recommend it to anyone. Unless you’re scared of heights, in which case it might not be great.

My sister and I had decided to do the sunset climb, and even though the weather wasn’t great today, we were still hopeful of a decent view from the top (52m up). What we didn’t realise was that first you have to go through half an hour of safety briefings and getting your harness on, so by the time we actually started climbing, the sky was already looking distinctly pink.

Fortunately the climb itself doesn’t take too long, although it is pretty steep in places (the best way to do it is to drag yourself up with the hand rail) and when we reached the summit, there was still a bit of sunset left to enjoy. We were allowed about fifteen minutes at the top before starting our descent, which actually turned out to be harder work than the climb. I think I may feel it in my legs tomorrow…

Apparently you can climb the O2 in pretty much any weather conditions – the only time they close is in thunderstorms and extreme wind. I’m not sure I’d necessarily want to try it in snow, but it would be an interesting challenge. And I imagine the views would be cool – so maybe next time.

Up at the O2Up at the O2


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