Weird and (hopefully) wonderful

Yesterday, a colleague sent me this quote:

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of ‘Me, too!’ be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.”

The same day, a friend on Facebook wrote a post listing all the weird things about her. And I thought that was quite fun, so I’ve made my own list. But please bear in mind that I’m quite an odd person, so this is far from exhaustive. Nor is it a bad thing – I’m quite proud of my ‘quirks’ – but if anyone does feel a compulsion to gladly cry, ‘Me too!’ to any of them, that would be nice. You can be in my tribe ūüėČ

1. I’m not a morning person – true for many people, you could say, but I take it to extremes. It doesn’t matter what time I need to leave the house; I will stay in bed until the last possible minute. Which¬†means I spend a lot of my mornings running about in a panic, and power walking to the train station.

2. I enjoy¬†driving, as long as I know where I’m going. So¬†before I go anywhere I have to plan my journey in both directions¬†using Google Streetview, and I get very stressed if I go off route, or when I have passengers.¬†And I talk to my car (Pierre), my sat nav (Seamus) and myself. Not to mention other drivers, pedestrians and the occasional cat that wanders into my path.

3. On the subject of my car, I’m a little bit obsessive about locking it, and have been known to get out of bed, get dressed and go outside at midnight to check it. And it’s always locked. Obviously.

My car. Which is always locked.

4. I love chocolate, but I hate hot chocolate.

5. I can’t wear ballet pumps because my feet are a weird shape. Which is annoying.

6. When I was at uni, I had a minor heart condition called Woolf Parkinson White Syndrome, which miraculously cured itself a couple of years later. Chances of anyone else shouting ‘me too!’ on this one are pretty unlikely because apparently it had never happened before. Did someone say medical miracle?

7. I can’t swim. I actually don’t think this is particularly weird, but other people seem to get quite upset about it, so it’s going on the list.

Can't swim, won't swim
The full extent of my swimming ability

8.¬†I’ve never had a massage – although given how much time I spend stressing about stuff, I probably need one. Or several.

9.¬†I’m addicted to Game of Thrones despite being extremely squeamish.¬†So I have to spend at least half of each episode hiding behind my hands. The Red Wedding was not an enjoyable hour for me.

10.¬†I’m about to attempt to write a novel in a month. Apparently to some people this is a strange thing to want to do. Personally, I find it completely normal. Ahem.

It’s actually quite liberating to write a list like this – I think everyone should try it. Who’s next?


6 thoughts on “Weird and (hopefully) wonderful

      1. This would be a second attempt at NaNoWriMo. I tried to write a novel last month, but I couldn’t make the time.

        This year, I’m going to try a different approach, and shoot for writing a collection of short stories, since over the year I came up with 100 story ideas.

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