Highlights of Hythe

Obviously my favourite thing about this week was meeting the tigers at Port Lympne, but I wrote about that already. And the rest of the week was pretty much work, work and more work. So, here’s a photo of my dessert on Thursday.

After the zoo, we headed to nearby Hythe for dinner, and after getting good and lost looking for the town centre, and having a small panic attack because of some weird noises from under my car, we finally managed to find a car park.

Hythe is not the most exciting place I’ve ever been to, and most of the high street was closed. So we ended up in one of the few places that was open, the White Hart, which as it turned out was a good move. The food was tasty and nicely presented, with friendly service. And the desserts were HUGE…

So if you do ever find yourself in Hythe by accident, the White Hart is worth a visit before you leave again 😉

Banoffee pie at the White Hart, Hythe


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