It’s been quite a week. I got to watch Once, one of my favourite shows, for a second time. There was the whole ‘melted ice cream’ drama on Bake Off. I even survived the Ice Bucket Challenge (and yes, I did donate money to charity). But I think my highlight of the week was yesterday, at the O2 Arena in London.

Bit of background – when I was a kid, I used to watch a TV show called Byker Grove. Two of my favourite characters left shortly after the infamous paintball incident (‘he can’t see, man!’) and formed a band. Ok, ‘band’ might be a bit optimistic; they only really had one hit, before giving it up and becoming TV presenters instead.

It’s been nearly 20 years, and you’ll be glad to hear I’m over my crush on PJ and Duncan. But I still have quite a soft spot for Ant and Dec, so when they took their TV show Saturday Night Takeaway on tour, I was pretty excited. And the show didn’t disappoint; it was two hours of pure silliness, featuring Chesney Hawkes, Joey Essex (even though I didn’t understand a word he said) and Riverdance. And even though they made us be on Team Ant, when I’ve always been more of a Dec fan, it was great fun.

Best of all, the show ended with ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble’ (PJ & Duncan’s one and only hit, if anyone’s too young to remember). I’m not sure the kids in the audience really understood what was going on, but all the 30-somethings loved it.

Now all we need is an East 17 reunion* and my life will officially be complete.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on Tour

* I’m kidding. Nobody wants to see that.


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