Cocktails and cake

You know those days where you say goodbye to a colleague with Colombian flag Nutella pancake cake, and then spend the evening drinking giant cocktails and balancing a biscuit on your head?


Well it’s not my average Friday either, but it was really fun. The Nutella cake, created by my endlessly talented colleague, wasn’t completely successful (the fridge ended up flooded with Nutella at one point, and the whole thing had to be carved with a knife and fork), but it tasted great.

Then it was time for the aforementioned talented colleague’s hen party, which was really fun; mini cheesecakes, giant (and ridiculously strong) cocktails and silly games. It was also my first – and hopefully not last – time wearing a wedding dress, albeit one made of toilet paper. Not my best look, and also very hard to wear without ripping it. Just FYI.

Giant cocktail


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