Why is the rum gone?

What better way to relax after a long week at work than to meet up with friends and behave like a bunch of kids?

For us, this meant spending our Saturday afternoon playing pirate adventure golf, with varying degrees of success. In our attempts to not keep people waiting, we decided to all play at the same time, which was predictably chaotic and resulted in quite a bit of unintentional sabotage of other people’s efforts. Not naming any names, but you know who you are…

Then we realised that we were entitled to a free pedalo ride, so we donned our highly fashionable life jackets – not very piratey I know, but they made us – and climbed aboard. There were eight of us, so we needed two boats; one immediately started taking on water, and the other one got stuck in the reeds, but fortunately nobody needed to be rescued; as much as that would have made a good blog post, it also might have been just a tad embarrassing, particularly since this was all taking place ten minutes from my door, and we were surrounded by kids who were very successfully steering their boats around the lake.

Sadly, there was no rum to accompany these antics, nor was there a life-size Johnny Depp, despite the fact I was promised one by the organiser (I’m considering suing for false advertising), but it was still a great afternoon out in the sunshine with fab people. Not a bad use of a Saturday.

Pirate golf at Bluewater



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