At least we can have cake

It was my birthday earlier this week – not a big or special one, although being a bit of a child at heart I still tend to get quite excited. This year it fell on a Tuesday, so I had to go to work, but that was ok – I got a lovely cake (with not at all reluctant singing) from my colleagues, and then in the evening joined a couple of fellow Game of Thrones fans for the season finale, before heading to the pub. It happened to be pub quiz night, which didn’t go particularly well – we were a bit distracted by the football (the boys were watching; the girls were drinking Pimm’s and joining in the cheering at appropriate – and sometimes not – moments).

Birthday cake

Anyway, mostly as a result of the birthday, this has been my week so far:

Sunday – my sister gave me a massive chocolate cake for my birthday.

Monday – we had cake at work for a colleague’s birthday.

Tuesday – we had cake at work for my birthday.

Wednesday – we had cake at book club for a couple of people’s birthdays.

Thursday – I was still eating the cake my sister gave me for my birthday.

Friday – see Thursday.

But then again, someone once told me that the calories in birthday cake don’t count. And I played tennis yesterday. So it’s all good.

I’d like to close with some words of wisdom from a colleague, who I think was trying to make me feel better about being old(er than her):

‘We’re all old and we’re all going to die. But at least we can have cake.’

It didn’t make me feel better. But it did make me laugh. Hopefully it did the same for you 🙂


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