More than just murder

Another day, another book review. And this time I can honestly say that I don’t know the author. (Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I do work with her sister…)

That said, this book, I Like You for Murder by Emily Nemchick, is the kind I would actually pick up on my own. Detective Tizz Williams wakes up after a night she’d rather forget to find her partner, Detective Francis Breslin, in her bed. Hungover and embarrassed, the two are called to investigate the murder of a local man, who’s been found stabbed to death in his kitchen. It seems to be an open and shut case, but things aren’t as simple as they seem, not least because everyone but Tizz seems to be in love with the prime suspect.

I really enjoyed the book, which is written with a dry sense of humour that closely matches my own. The author lives in the USA, but is originally from the UK, so she skilfully combines believable American dialogue with British sarcasm. The story twists and turns, although at just 74 pages long it doesn’t have a huge cast of characters and isn’t particularly complicated. I often felt that the murder part of the story was really just a backdrop that allows the author to develop both Tizz as a character and her relationship with her colleagues, especially Breslin. I liked and believed in Tizz to the point that when she screamed at them for being chauvinists, I was right there cheering her on.

Although there are a few details that weren’t so convincing – that a detective who has a romantic history with the prime suspect would be allowed to stay on the case, for example – it didn’t stop the story from being enjoyable and like any good murder mystery, I wanted to figure out who the killer was before the police did.

My only real complaint, which is actually a compliment in disguise, is that it’s very short. I’ve never been a fan of novellas – I love a story I can get lost in, and have a habit of choosing big fat books (which doesn’t always go down well with my book club). So this, for me, was over a bit too quickly; I just felt I was getting to know the characters and then it was over. Then again, it concludes in such a way that it could easily be the start of a series, and I for one would be happy to read more.

By the way, I don’t just review books for people I know, so if there are any new (or established) authors out there who’d like their book reviewed, please do get in touch; I’m always happy to do it and will be completely honest. Leave a comment below or tweet me at @lizzid82 🙂


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