The adventures of Mabel, continued

You may remember Mabel the sheep, who I took for a day out in London a couple of months back. Well, unfortunately after that our pub quiz fortunes took a bit of a downturn and we had to give Mabel back 😦

Until last week, when we surprised ourselves by winning, and got our new ‘Mabel’s Fables’ challenge – to make up a story about Mabel and share it on Facebook.

Taking photos wasn’t part of the challenge, but naturally I couldn’t let it go that easily. Staging and taking photos of a sheep may not be the most productive use of a Sunday afternoon, but I had fun. I initially planned to Photoshop them, but then decided it would be more of a challenge if I didn’t. So I got creative 🙂

By the way, I can’t take any credit for the story – it was written by my friend Lorraine. Enjoy!

Mabel’s Fables – episode 1

Once upon a time there was a sheep called Mabel who had dreams of becoming a superstar sheep, and with shear determination she won The X Factor with her rendition of ‘I’ve got a Brand New Combine Harvester’, bleating all competition hands down.

Mabel does X Factor

As well as a successful music career, she went on to star in the new series of Breaking Baaaad.

Mabel does Breaking Bad

And started an illicit affair with both Simon COWell and Gary Baaarlow, who she grew close to on X Factor.

Mabel and Simon Cowell

Mabel and Gary Barlow

Time passed, and Mabel delved deeper into a world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. It seemed that all that she had worked for for so many years may be in jeopardy after a particularly close shave with a sheep dip, until old friend Lamb Bailey (also of X Factor fame) stepped in and introduced Mabel to Shaun, a local ram who drove a Lamb-ourghini.

Mabel in a lamborghini
This is definitely a Lamborghini. Not a Citroen.

Love blossomed and the pair eventually married and lived happily ever after at the Manor Farm Barn.

Mabel and Shaun 4eva

All’s wool that ends wool.

The End


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