100 happy days – the end!

Woohoo – I made it! Today is day 100 of the #100happydays challenge. It’s been a lot of fun, and sometimes quite difficult, particularly if I’ve had a bad day. But it’s also meant that even on those days, I’ve had to find myself something good. Even if it is just nice-smelling shower gel.

So here are my last few happy days (although hopefully not actually my last – that would be quite depressing).

Day 95 – on Monday I took advantage of my lunch break to head across the river and do a spot of shopping in Putney. Unfortunately, Putney High Street is not particularly picturesque, so I took this shot of the Thames from the bridge on my way back.

The view from Putney BridgeDay 96 – an evening on the South Bank with wine. Need I say more?

Wine on the South BankDay 97 – this, believe it or not, is Elbow on stage at the O2. It’s not a great shot but the only one I managed to get where it didn’t look like the stage was exploding. I love Elbow; they’re one of those bands that I think really come into their own when you hear them live. It’s quite a laid back gig, with more swaying and arm-waving than jumping up and down, but what with Guy Garvey’s incredible voice and his one-man comedy routine, it’s always a really fun night out.

Elbow at the O2Day 98 – a brilliantly random ladies’ lunch. We started out talking about chicken, which led to quite an animated discussion about evolution. Then we moved on to dating dilemmas, spent a few minutes on nude photos and then went back to chickens again. (More specifically, chickens called Jennifer.) I also have to put in a word for the restaurant – Primavera in Fulham, which has just opened near work. The owner was very patient with us as we giggled our way through ordering, and the food’s really good too.

Ladies' lunchDay 99 – yesterday was a holiday so I didn’t have to go work, hurrah! So I took advantage of the nice weather to head out to nearby Ranscombe Farm in Medway with my friend Lorraine. We were impressed to find leaflets by the entrance with detailed instructions for a 4.5 mile walk, but less impressed when we got to point 3 and discovered we’d gone wrong. After retracing our steps quite a long way and trying again, we finally figured it out and only got lost a couple more times before finding our way out and heading back to Lorraine’s house for dinner.

Ranscombe FarmDay 100 – I felt like I should probably do something really exciting today for day 100, but unfortunately all I had planned was a haircut and food shopping. So I decided to celebrate completing the challenge with fish and chips and The Lion King.

Fish and chips and The Lion King

And that’s it! Thank you for sticking with me through the 100 days – I know sometimes my pictures weren’t that exciting. I’ll still be sharing happy photos from time to time, and will also be getting back to blogging about other things. And I do recommend giving it a go; it can make you see life quite differently.


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