100 happy days – week 13

Don’t worry everyone – we’re nearly at the end; hang in there…

Day 88 – on Monday I’d just arrived home from Naples (you remember – sunburnt and depressed). Much as I love holidays, nothing quite beats coming home to your comfy sofa, especially when you’ve been awake since 4.30am UK time and you’ve just arrived back in London to find it’s cold and wet.

My sofaDay 89 – I’m not known for my suntanning abilities, and it’s quite normal for me to come back from a holiday and be greeted with, ‘So it wasn’t very sunny then?’ – even if it was, in fact, very sunny. So it was nice on Tuesday to go back to work and hear ‘You’ve got a tan!’ Honestly, I think my colleagues were just as shocked as I was.


Day 90 – on Wednesday I took advantage of our new office beanbags to have a relaxing lunch with a cup of tea and our latest book club read. And let’s not mention the fact I was panic-reading it to get to the end before book club that evening.


Day 91 – as is probably quite obvious to anyone who reads this blog, I’m quite easily excited about very small things (little things please little minds, as they say) and Thursday’s little thing was my new mug. Unfortunately, I also worry about silly things, and ended up feeling so bad for my old mug, which has served me well over the years, that I had to use both out of loyalty. No idea how I’m ever going to cope if I have more than one child…

New mug

Day 92 – on Friday evening I went up to York with my sister, and we spotted a nice sunset out the window. I soon discovered that taking a good photo from the window of a speeding train is not the easiest thing in the world, but after a bit of editing and cropping we decided this was my best attempt.


Day 93 – on Saturday, after a busy but very enjoyable day in York, we headed out for dinner with friends at a little Italian restaurant. By this point it was cold and raining, and reminded me very much of our first morning in Naples, so it all felt quite authentic. The food and company were good too 🙂

Lo Spuntino

Day 94 – this morning, before heading home we had the opportunity to wander York with our cameras. It’s a lovely city, especially when the sun shines, and we amused ourselves taking photos of a few of the sights (York Minster, Clifford Tower, the Shambles), laughing at geese and chatting with a random man in the street about a joke book. (You probably had to be there for those last two.)

River Ouse, York

Next week is the last week of my 100 Happy Days challenge – after that I get to be grumpy again 😉



3 thoughts on “100 happy days – week 13

  1. I’ve loved reading your ‘100 happy days’. Would it be cheating if I decided to start doing myself – just before I head off on two holidays – or does that make it too easy 🙂

      1. Just figured I can’t logistically post every week while I’m on my jaunts so maybe I’ll wait until I get back 🙂

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