100 happy days – week 12

Bit late this week as I’m just back from Naples, feeling slightly sunburnt and mildly depressed after watching Great Britain lose at tennis. But hey, it’s not like it’s the first time, so onwards and upwards.

Day 81 – about a year ago, I handed in my final assignment for a marketing diploma. Since then, there’s been a lot of faffing by CIM but on Monday I finally received my diploma. I’d been told it would take twelve weeks from the end of February, so it was a nice surprise to get home and find it waiting for me.

DiplomaDay 82 – on April Fool’s Day, a video appeared on the internet saying that Rosetta Stone now offered a Klingon CD-ROM. A lot of people got very excited about this, so we decided to take the opportunity to let them know that we actually do sell software for learning Klingon (yes, really – here it is if you’re interested). One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was caught up in a conversation on Twitter, in Klingon, which is a language I don’t speak. So it was random, but quite fun.


Day 83 – I had to get an early night on Wednesday because I was getting up at 2am the following day to go to Italy with my mum and my sister. I’m not a fan of packing but I am a fan of holidays, so I didn’t mind – too much. And it’s always exciting (and nerve wracking) to cheer on Team GB at the Davis Cup, so it was worth the early start.

GB Davis Cup flagDay 84 – our first day in Italy, so we did some exploring of Naples. It turns out that although it’s a tourist area, not a lot of people speak much English, which gave me an opportunity to practise my very limited Italian. This mostly extends to ‘hello’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and numbers up to 10, but it meant we managed to buy bottles of water, order meals in restaurants and figure out the mystery that was the funicolare (which, by the way, is a very weird way to travel).

Funicolare ticket

Day 85 – Friday was the first day of the tennis, so naturally it rained. And when I say it rained, I mean we almost drowned. It was looking like it was going to rain all day and we weren’t going to see any matches, so we were pleased to see our first glimpse of blue sky, which turned out to lead on to a nice afternoon. Hence the sunburn.

Blue sky

Day 86 – Saturday was meant to be another rainy day, but the forecast forgot to listen, fortunately, and it was a lovely sunny day. Also, we won two matches, which put us all in a good mood. And, as it turned out, prematurely optimistic about our chances of winning the tie. Ahem.

Tennis selfie

Day 87 – Sunday was depressing as we watched our team lose everything in sight. It also rained again, just to add insult to injury, and although the British supporters, led by the Stirling uni ‘Barmy Army’, left the arena singing ‘Always look on the bright side of life’, we were feeling pretty blue. Fortunately, no matter how bad things get, cake will always help. Mmm, cake.

CakeSo overall, a bit up and down – but we had a great weekend and I enjoyed my first trip to Italy. I forgot how much fun it is to speak another language and have people actually understand what you’re saying. And as much as we hated losing, cheering on our team was really fun, and there’s always next year… Never let it be said that the British aren’t optimists.


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