100 happy days – week 11

You know the drill by now… 😉

Day 74 – this week I’ve been busily promoting our Junior Language Challenge at work, and a colleague and I decided we’d try tweeting a few celebrities to see if they’d share it. Most, like Stephen Fry and Phillip Schofield (I know, I know, a bit ambitious but why not), completely ignored us, but my first success came from the lovely Lee Mead. (Cue much excited squealing followed by several minutes trying to explain to another colleague who Lee Mead is.)

Lee MeadDay 75 – a while back I decided I was snacking at work too much and banned myself from eating biscuits out of the tin in the kitchen. This means that I only get to eat biscuits at work once a month, when our company secretary comes in to do the payroll (aka ‘Roy Day’). He always brings us really nice chocolate biscuits, and for some reason, usually leaves them next to my desk…


Day 76 – on Wednesday, instead of getting straight on a train at Charing Cross I decided to take a walk over the bridge and check out the sunset. I think it was worth the effort.


Day 77 – on Thursday I got confirmation from the Land Registry that I now own 100% of my flat, instead of 75% as I have for the last five years. Let’s forget the part where my mortgage has gone up and focus on the fact I’m a 100% homeowner 🙂

Land Registry

Day 78 – on Friday night, we decided to have a barbecue at work, even though it was freezing. We all ended up spending the evening huddled around the barbecue for warmth, and once all the burgers and sausages were gone, we moved on to toasting marshmallows (and Mars Bars) and listening to questionable pop music. Hopefully the neighbours weren’t too traumatised.


Day 79 – yesterday I met up with some friends for lunch, then did a spot of shopping before heading back to my friend’s flat, where we spent the afternoon making posters about obese pets (don’t ask) and trying to get her two cats to sit next to each other long enough to take a photo. They’re not obese, by the way; they’re gorgeous.


Day 80 – as it’s Mothers Day we’ve been out for a family trip to Sheffield Park in Sussex; the sun went hiding around lunchtime but we had a fun day getting slightly lost and eating cake (among other things). And here’s a photo of me and my lovely mum 🙂 And a bit of my sister’s finger, I think…?

Me and my mumHave a great week!



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