100 happy days – week 10

Hope everyone’s had a good week. Time for another happy days update…

Day 67 – on Monday I was in a strangely good mood all day, much to the confusion (and possible irritation) of my colleagues. This mostly involved running around the office, greeting people enthusiastically (not normal behaviour for a Monday) and treating everyone – and everything – like long lost friends. At one point, I decided to give an uncooperative printer some moral support, and it instantly started working. So I’m claiming credit for this even though it was almost definitely a lucky coincidence. (It wasn’t actually this printer – but I’m always nice to this one too.)

Happy printer



Day 68 – I seem to have a lot of exciting projects on the go at the moment, at work and away from it. This means I’m pretty much constantly tired and I’ve given up on going to bed before midnight unless it’s a special occasion. But it’s also great to be busy and have lots going on. And sleep’s overrated anyway.

To do listDay 69 – I got a new phone case on Wednesday; I’ve mentioned before that I have a soft spot for the minions from Despicable Me and as a result I was far more excited about this than a grown woman should be. But there’s no fun in acting like a grown up all the time…

Despicable Me phone caseDay 70 – anyone who’s friends with me on Facebook or follows me on Twitter will have noticed that recently I’ve been banging on about the Junior Language Challenge; this is a national language competition for primary school children that I’m involved in at work, and I’m determined to make this the best one yet. So I was pretty excited on Thursday, which was launch day, and even more so when I arrived at work to find one of my colleagues had made this giant JLC cookie. (I’m not sure more sugar was necessarily a good idea when I was already quite hyped up, but I wasn’t going to complain.)

Junior Language Challenge cookieDay 71 – on Friday night, I was determined to do nothing but relax, and get to bed at a reasonable hour, because I had to get up at silly o’clock on Saturday to go to Birmingham for work. So I decided to treat myself to a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, which I’m re-watching in preparation for season 4. (The good thing about watching it a second time is now I know when to look away because someone’s about to get their head chopped off.)

Game of ThronesDay 72 – on Saturday I spent the day at the Education Show in Birmingham. This meant getting up at 5 a.m., catching a train to London and then another one to Birmingham, then standing up for seven hours talking to people about the JLC. It was a successful day, but a tiring one, and just before the show ended, a little boy appeared out of nowhere and handed me a daffodil. I’m still not sure why but it was a nice way to end the day 🙂

FlowerDay 73 – Today I decided to stay close to home, and went for a wander around Bluewater. I tend to forget that there’s more there than just shops, so it was nice to get out and walk around the lake in the sunshine. I’d intended to stick around for sunset and take some more photos, but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. When water started to seep into my shoes, I decided enough was enough, and headed home.


Only a few weeks to go! Although there’s a little part of me that wants to keep going with the happy days, just to see how long I can keep it up… 😉


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