Spreading the joy

Quick thought for the day…

I’ve been terrifying my colleagues all day today by being in a really good mood, bursting into offices with a cheerful greeting instead of the usual mumblings, bouncing round the building and grinning slightly manically at anyone who came near me. I even made a printer work by being kind to it (although there’s a possibility that may have been a coincidence).

Considering it’s been a particularly busy Monday, this was just as surprising for me as it was for anyone else, but I put it down to something that happened last night. (No, not that. Behave.)

A few weeks back, someone I don’t know replied to one of my tweets recommending a book she thought I’d like – The Humans, by Matt Haig. This was one that had been on my to-read list for a while, so I was quite happy to check it out. As my new Twitter friend predicted, I loved it, so last night I thought I’d let her know. Her reaction surprised me a bit, but in a good way – she was over the moon to get nice feedback and to know that she’d introduced me to a book I’d enjoyed.

Knowing that I’d made someone happy made me happy as well, and worth the ten seconds it took to write the tweet. And so we got into a mutual happiness cycle, with each of us sharing joyful tweets about how happy we were. It was a lovely end to a lovely day, and when I woke up this morning, I was still in a good mood.

So my thought for the day is this: if you’re thinking about saying something nice to someone – whether it’s a thank you, or telling them they look nice today, or even just smiling at a stranger on the train, do it. You might make their day. And even better, you might make your own šŸ™‚


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