100 happy days – week 9

This week has been a bit up and down; at the start of the week I had a horrible cold and was feeling pretty sorry for myself, so finding some happy things wasn’t always easy. In contrast, the weekend’s been lovely 🙂

Day 60 – recently I discovered that I share similar music taste to a colleague; I introduced him to Mumford and Sons, who he’d somehow managed to miss (don’t ask me how) and he in turn told me about the Avett Brothers. I’d never heard of them before but after downloading a couple of their albums, it’s safe to say I’m now a fan 🙂

iPodDay 61 – as I said, I came down with a horrible cold at the weekend, and by Tuesday, a combination of this and several busy days and late nights had rendered me pretty useless. After spending most of the afternoon staring at a simple Word document, trying and failing to form some coherent sentences, I was feeling pretty fed up. So I decided to buy some flowers on the way home to cheer myself up 🙂

FlowersDay 62 – on Wednesday, this story was reported in the news. Glenn Ford, a man who’s been on death row in Louisiana for half his life, has just been released after being wrongfully convicted 30 years ago. Obviously this is good news, and I’m happy for him, but I wish it hadn’t taken 30 years to get there.

Glenn FordDay 63 – Thursday is ladies’ lunch day at work, and this week we were able to sit outside for the first time this year. Fortunately we have a rather lovely rooftop garden at the office, so we headed upstairs to make the most of the weather. After all, we never know how long it’ll last.

Roof gardenDay 64 – Friday was a very long, busy day, made longer by the fact that I had to make an unexpected detour to Euston on the way home. Unfortunately Euston isn’t near work or home, and was also very busy because it was Friday evening, and someone had been hit by a train so everything was cancelled. So by the time I got home, a glass of wine was called for. It’s really not as big as it looks…

Wine o'clockDay 65 – yesterday I went to London with my sisters for lunch and a visit to the Natural History Museum for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We had a great day, although the exhibition was very overcrowded and involved diving into a scrum every time we wanted to look at a picture. Since looking at pictures was kind of the whole point, that meant a lot of scrums. Consequently by the time we left, we all felt pretty exhausted and I think it’s safe to say we were all quite glad to get home and away from people!

Natural History Museum, LondonDay 66 – I’m feeling slightly sunburnt right now after heading into Sevenoaks today for lunch and a long overdue catchup with my friend Cheryl. After lunch in town, we went up to Knole Park where we got happily lost, nearly got run over by a small army of children on their bikes and saw a lot of deer, although sadly too far away for the camera on my phone to cope with.

Knole Park, Sevenoaks

Wishing everyone a happy, sunny week 🙂


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