100 happy days – week 8

Well, I’m shattered. It’s been another crazy week; I can’t believe it’s nearly Monday again already. And no, that’s not one of my happy things. But there have been plenty of them this week 🙂

Day 53 – Monday was World Tennis Day, and to mark the occasion, London played host to a special one-off event, featuring four legends of the sport – first, Pat Cash against Ivan Lendl, and then Pete Sampras against Andre Agassi. I never got the chance to see any of these guys play competitively, so it was really exciting to be there. Unfortunately, the seats were insanely uncomfortable, there was zero leg-room, and the woman next to me practically sat in my lap all evening, but it was worth it.World Tennis Day

Day 54 – Pancake Day! And thanks to the efforts of one of my colleagues, the first ever Ultimate Flipping Championship at work. The competitors each had a minute to flip a pancake as many times as possible, with the winner being awarded a trophy for being ‘Champion Tosser’. Ahem. And then we all ate lots of pancakes to get over the excitement.

Pancake DayDay 55 – on Wednesday I was on a training day, which was not only closer to home than my usual office but also finished at 4.30. This meant I got to go home early and was back at London Bridge before 5pm. I even had time to eat some dinner and rearrange the furniture before book club in the evening. London Bridge is really ugly though, so here’s a picture of the Shard, taken from the platform.

London BridgeDay 56 – I never thought I’d take any of my happy day photos in the bathroom, but there’s a first time for everything. My new shower gel smells amazing and was half price 🙂 Yes, I know, little things and little minds, etc. (What can I say, Thursday was a bit of a slow news day.)

Shower gelDay 57 – on Friday, one of my colleagues got married. It’s been a long time since we had a wedding at work so we all got a bit excited. Especially when we saw the amazing wedding cake, which was made by another colleague (the one who made the pancakes – she’s basically a superstar).

Wedding cake

Day 58 – this, believe it or not, is a group of actors during the interval of a Shakespeare play. Yesterday I went to Canterbury with my mum and my sister Caz, to see Propeller, an all-male theatre company who we’ve seen a few times before. Not only are they slightly unconventional (the costumes below are from their version of A Comedy of Errors – you know, that Shakespeare play where they wear football shirts and sombreros) but they also traditionally perform a few songs during the interval to raise money for charity. They also tend to do double bills, so yesterday we not only watched A Comedy of Errors but also an extremely chaotic Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you like your Shakespeare straight, I’d avoid them, but otherwise you should check them out; they’re brilliant.


Day 59 – it’s my sister’s birthday on Tuesday so today we went for lunch as a family to celebrate. Afterwards, it was far too nice to go home so we headed to Shorne Woods Country Park for a walk. It was still a bit muddy in places but so nice to see some sunshine and blue skies, and to leave the house without a coat for the first time this year. And it seemed like everyone else had the same idea because the place was packed – although you might not believe it looking at this photo…

Shorne Woods

Let’s hope the sunshine continues! Have a happy week 🙂


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