100 happy days – week 7

I’m now over half way through the 100 Happy Days challenge! Still quite a way to go but so far so good…

Day 46 – on Monday evening, my book club team won the local pub quiz, and as a result we left with some extra cash and a sheep called Mabel. (Although Mabel’s just on loan.) Anyone who read the blog yesterday will know she and I had quite an adventure in London, thanks to a challenge set by the pub staff. Can’t wait to see what the next one will be…SheepDay 47 – thanks to one of the rounds in the quiz on Monday night, on Tuesday I had musicals on my mind. So after work I went on a quick tour of the West End to take some photos of a few of my favourite shows for a blog post. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was a tourist, but hopefully not a really annoying one. I did at least check there was nobody behind me before I stopped to take my pictures.

Les Mis, LondonDay 48 – on Wednesday, for the first time this year, I left work and it was still light. I’m aware this happens every year, but for some reason it always surprises me. Now I’m waiting for the day it’s still light when I get home, although that may still be some way off…

DaylightDay 49 – on Thursday I discovered that Magnum now do strawberry and white ice creams; this is one of my favourite combinations so I was quite excited and nearly had a little meltdown (ha – I didn’t even plan that!) in the middle of Asda’s freezer section. I can also now confirm that they are just as good as I expected.

MagnumDay 50 – Not just halfway through, but also Friday and payday. Need I say more?

PaydayDay 51 – here’s Mabel again, enjoying a trip on the London Underground. She also went to Notting Hill and the London Eye, and had a nice cup of tea when all the excitement got a bit too much. It was a very odd but really fun day; sometimes it’s fun to be a ‘crazy sheep lady’.

Mabel gets the tubeDay 52 – after yesterday’s excitement, today I decided to stay local and go for a walk with my sister. We had a vague plan to take some photos for a future blog post, but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. After a couple of hours, we were quite windswept and when it started raining, we gave up and went home. But it was nice to get out in the fresh air, and we managed over five miles so we were quite pleased with ourselves.


And now this crazy sheep lady’s off to enjoy a Magnum. Have a great week, everyone! 🙂


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