100 happy days – week 4

Another week, another seven happy days…

Day 25 – I didn’t really know how to represent Monday in a photo, so I had to get creative. There wasn’t anything specific about the day but it was just an all-round good, productive day at work. I managed to get a couple of things done that I’d been planning to do for ages and that made me happy. Until Tuesday, when I was confronted with the rest of my to-do list. But that’s another story.
Good day at the officeDay 26 – On Tuesday I had book club, which is always great fun. In particular I loved the fact that (almost) everyone enjoyed the book, which was my choice. Being a worrier, I always get a bit scared after recommending a book (or movie, or album) that they’ll all hate it. But not this time – phew! In fact, I think one member may have loved it even more than I do.

Book clubDay 27 – After work on Wednesday I braved the rain and wind to visit the National Theatre and check out the Landscape Photographer of the Year awards with my sister. It was a free exhibition that we discovered thanks to Twitter, and we managed to get in just before it closed. While admiring the amazing photos from around Britain, I got the chance to show I listen when my sister talks about photography by saying a few vaguely intelligent-sounding things. And that’s always fun.

National Theatre photography exhibitionDay 28 – yes, that is an umbrella. Not all that exciting, maybe, but since leaving my last umbrella on the train ages ago and then getting rained on repeatedly for the whole of January, the fact that I finally got around to buying a new one is actually quite big news. And it’s got owls on it! And I’ve had it a week and haven’t left it on the train yet!

UmbrellaDay 29 – after a week of what felt like non-stop meetings, a much-needed rum and Coke got the weekend off to a good start. That’s it really.

Friday pub tripDay 30 – it’s my sister Helen’s birthday tomorrow, so on Saturday evening we went out for a family meal to celebrate. This particular photo was taken by an over-enthusiastic member of staff at the restaurant, who tried to grab the camera from my other sister’s hand, somehow resulting in her taking eight, almost identical, photos. Nobody knows how she managed to do this.

Dyer family dinnerDay 31 – today Helen, Mum and I went to the O2 Arena in London for the Strictly Come Dancing tour. The ticket was Mum’s Christmas present, but I think it’s safe to say it was a treat for all of us, not least because Artem was performing. You remember Artem. And also because Bruce Forsyth wasn’t there. It was really camp, really glittery and really good fun. Although getting out of the car park afterwards was a bit of an adventure.

Strictly Come Dancing tour

So I’m now nearly a third of the way through the 100 Happy Days challenge, and so far it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I expected. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a go, do it! And if you haven’t been thinking about it, still do it.


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